Favourite Fall Out Boy Songs

So, I’m going to tell you my favourite Fall Out Boy songs.

Because Fall Out Boy is one of my favourite bands.


Just about any song on Save Rock And Roll.

America’s Suitehearts

20 Dollar Nose Bleed

This Ain’t A Scene, This Its An Arm’s Race

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

My favourite name for a song is by far “I Slept with Someone from Fall Out Boy and all I Got was This Stupid Song Written for Me”





The Maze Runner isn’t The Maze Runner

My thoughts on “The Maze Runner” air quotes bc you really can’t call that shitty movie after a wonderful book.

A Little Perfection

Okay, so I just watched the Maze Runner, and I was beyond disappointed.

If you’re a fan of the book, I recommend you don’t EVER watch the movie.

You will hate it.

There was many times my friends and I were so close to just leaving the cinema! Whoever fucking wrote the script, they didn’t even put the book under consideration. Probs just saw people liked it, saw the name, read the blurb and who gives a shit about the rest!

Even though it was a good movie, I just couldn’t enjoy it knowing they didn’t pay any attention to the plot. Everything was wrong.

Here’s some things that annoyed me:

– Teresa came the day after Thomas, not four days later

– Thomas didn’t go after Minho for quite a few days, not 3


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Side Effects – AwesomenessTV

So, I can’t remember when, but I found this awesome web series a few weeks back.

Its called Side Effects, and its on AwesomnessTV.

Honestly, its a great show, that mixes some real life problems with awesome singing.

Whitney (Meg Delacy) is a girl who’s mother just died, and her father left her and her other 4 siblings on their own, slowly losing their money and their home.

To top it all off, she gets bullied too.

They put their own spin on many fantastic songs, like Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold, and Kesha’s C’mon.

They have two “seasons” which are up now on the AwesomenessTV youtube channel (links here and here)

Also, the songs are fantastic. They can be purchased on iTunes now!

Well, thats all for my latest um I don’t know what to call it, uh show thing?

Yeah, lets go with that…


Supernatural Business. It serious

(yes, I’m posting, but it doesn’t mean I’m there. I’ve queued a few posts for a few days, as I’m going away.)

Why hello there!

Today I’m going to discuss the show that has many tumblr uses pulling their hair out.

Which is Supernatural.

Firstly, Dean and Sam are pretty hot.

No, I’m not some teen that only likes shows for the characters, but still.

I like how its creepy, and not all happy sunshine and rainbows.

Also, I like how it brings legends to life, and gives them their own twist.

For instance, their take on Bloody Mary.

They didn’t go for a common story, they chose a whole different route.

Well, I’ll go watch ep 6 now, as I’m really into this show.


Long Time no Post

Yeah, that’s the problem running two blogs, you always forget your side one.

But I’m here to fix this!

I’m back guys, with an all new tv series to love and spread my love to you!

So, as the school holidays are back (YAY) I have decided to take up a new tv show.

I’m now watching Supernatural.

I’ll go into full detail about how I’m loving this so far in another post, but I just wanna say, the supernatural fandom, well, they like to make everything related to Supernatural.

For instance:

You find a gif on waffles. Next thing you know, someone comments on that with a gif of Dean, nodding his head with a smile.

I have no idea if that’s real but I’m going with it ^.^

But, I do see the hype about this show.

Two (hot) guys hunting some supernatural shit… AWESOME!

And easy on the eyes.

Apart from all those creatures. They creepy.

I’ve watched the first five episodes, and its safe to say I’m hooked.

I might just watch one or two more, as I’m going out tomorrow.

Also, I can tell you now I’ll be posting more.

I figured out a solution to this problem where I’m forgetting to post, so I’m going to fix that now.

See ya soon with a Supernatural themed post!


My Thoughts on the PLL 5A Final + A Theories

*If you haven’t watched the episode ‘Taking this one to the grave’ and plan to, don’t read this, as spoilers.*

Firstly, the writers made the wrong move.

Mona was an important character! Although I do love the romance, it takes away the original plot, which is to find ‘A.’

They also gave no build up to her death. None. They put little thought into this. If they built it up a tad, then yes, this death would make more sense. 

Also, Spencer’s in jail! 

Alison is becoming very suspicious. But, I don’t think she’s A. Want to know why? It’s because it’s all too clear. Everything to make it seem like Ali’s A is right in front of us, so HOPEFULLY they will spin it onto someone that nobody would suspect.

Key word hopefully.

I would think that Ali and A are very close though.

Also, when Mona died, we didn’t see the killer, only saw blonde hair.

Only three girls have blonde hair.

Which are:

  • Alison
  • Bethany (she may be dead, but she’s blonde)
  • Cece

But, the hair is short, and very level. So many a wig?


And one more thing: what we learnt about Bethany Young, Alison and Mrs DiLaurentis.

Mrs DiLaurentis was having another affair! And Alison wanted Bethany gone. Jealous, much?

Now, when you think about it, Alison is a very attention seeking girl. Remember what she’s done?

If not, let me remind you.

  • Made Jenna Blind
  • Faked her own death
  • Came back and lied about it
  • And could she have attempted to kill Bethany Young because she got more attention than Alison? Seems plausible. Just look at what happened to Jenna.

And I just remembered something. At the time of Mona’s death, she was looking through Bethany Young’s files from Radley. And now either A has them, or the police. Either way, people are gonna know something’s up.

With Spencer behind bars, Aria still got murder on her hands, a loose pyscopath that could be A, Ali or BOTH and the police trying to uncover a massive web of lies. A web so big that at one point, something will snap. Whether it be A, Alison or the liars doing the snapping, it’s bound to happen. And when it does, shit’s gonna go down.

Hopefully with explosions.


Okay. If you didn’t know, I’m a massive fan of this show.

But I’m tired now, so goodnight 🙂

Favourite Youtube Couple

Honestly, Zalfie to me is the cutest! Zoe and Alfie are always just so cute together, and the amount of gifs you can find on tumblr with them acting all cute is why I love the internet. 

A lot of ship-ups us crazy fangirls make, aren’t true, yet we wish they were (eg. troyler and phan). So, for me the best real youtube couple would be Zalfie.

Now, just to prove to you how cute these two are, I present the gifs and pics.

tumblr_nap7erQL3s1rx93reo1_500 tumblr_nao9dfRSl41rxa34wo1_500 tumblr_mhyrkexwed1qdncc8o1_1280 tumblr_napvopEB9c1tjcjbuo1_400 tumblr_napytwKySt1redv5so1_500a67968f8ae379b02865b681ddd7c5a38 Ow_my_little_Zalfie_heart tumblr_mi0n780eF71qm9tlzo1_500 tumblr_ml2965HVOk1s90wb5o1_500 tumblr_msf5vlNAWH1sdd17ro2_500 tumblr_mxet6gjgIf1r72z8mo1_500 tumblr_n076h1p4uX1trutuzo1_500 zalfie-o

Also, Alfie has a new video with the one, the only, Tyler Oakley! Watch it here.

Tyler’s new video is here.

We have Trevor on O2l here.

Shirtless Alfie Vlog + Ice Bucket Challenge here.

Jim making friends here.

And Andrea explaining her car troubles here. Plus you have a dancing Jenn and Arden in the background.

There you go!

**Pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr**

Love, Priceless

So Close!

Guys, if you didn’t know this already, Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil) is almost at 2 mil!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.34.44 pm

So, what do we, massive fangirls have to do?

Make #GETPHILTO2M trend on twitter. We’re so close. Come on guys! If you haven’t subscribed to Phil, go now. You won’t regret it. DO IT FOR THE PHAN FEELS. COME ON I KNOW YOU LOVE THEM PHAN FEELS.

Do ittttt. Yes, peer pressure now. Go on. Press subscribe.

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